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1. Someone lays on the floor(bottom bun)

2. You puke on the person who is laying down(The lettuce)

3. Then someone lays on top of the person meanwhile the person laying down inserts the penis in the anus.(That's the hamburger)

4. Then the women smear's her own menstrual blood all over the body; therefore, when she lays down the penis will insert her bloody vagina(That's the ketchup)

5. Nevertheless, the dude lays on top of the women and proceeds to stick his monstrosity of a penis into her anus(Top bun)

6. Their you go; you have completed the "Alabama Hamburger Style"
Thomas: Man, Jeffery when I put my penis in your ass last night my penis felt sooo warm and tender.

Jeffery: Thomas when you stuck your humongous cock in my ass man(said it aggressive) I couldn't stop moaning.

April: Jeffery you made me moan soo hard that my parents woke up.

Johnny: Aye, what'a bout my awesome puke that I did, and also April when I hit it from behind it felt good.

Requis: What y'all talking about?

Everyone(except Requis): We did the "Alabama Hamburger Style" last night.
by Pyramid titties April 09, 2019
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