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1) the gay version of the the Alabama crab dangle

2) a sex act where the 1st male standing with his hands pressed firmly agents the wall for leverage, and the 2nd male enters the anus of the 1st male spins himself upside down he hooks his heels under the 1st males armpit he curls himself up and under the 1st males body and presses his lips firmly over the 1st males nuttsack cuppingly and hovers him till they both reach climax

if jack'in it is added then thats called the Pinocchio dilemma or Pinocchio twist the full act is known as Pinocchio's dilemma or Alabama Ball Wrangle with a Pinocchio twist
holy shit Majidah and Dante fell through the plate glass window attempting the reverse Alabama Ball Wrangle with a Pinocchio twist her strap-on got stuck inside of him when she landed ass over spinal cord, emergency had to cut her free and surgically remove it from his anus, the whole block was out, that chick ant never gonna live that shit down its on youtube search powerquee and you'll see it // ASS FUNNY!!!
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
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