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A division of an intelligence agency or entity who's primary purpose is to create the illusion of, or appearance of, a real threat for the purpose of consumption by the general population, while conducting clandestine operations which are often in opposition to the benefit, needs, or desires of the general population. Also Al CIA-duh!
Al Qaeda attacked the United States on 9/11? Give me a break! The U.S. military was conducting wargames on that morning, there were eyewitnesses who testified regarding bombs in the WTC towers, there were advanced intelligence warnings by multiple nations regarding the attacks, and every other time an aircraft has gone off course, military fighters have been sitting off of the airplane's wing in a matter of minutes. With that military budget, they were unable to defend against alleged attacks by goat herders in Afghan caves and camel jockies from the desert? Good thing it wasn't a major power who attacked us (with sarcasm)! Al Qaeda my ass. More like Al CIA-duh!
by Alpha Aquarius October 07, 2008
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