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In a environment with a limited talent pool, the aesthetic qualities of humans heighten from their actual. This is a known fact, similar to economics supply and demand policy. When that low supply of beautiful people comes about and is coupled with a stressful situation, such as an airplane flight, the hottest of the bunch sticks out. That person becomes airplane hot. You may not give the time of day normally, but here, hell yea you would.
"As I sat down in my seat between two fat ladies on the plane, I saw her. aside from the somewhat hairy mole on her forehead, she had a rocking body. She was definitely airplane hot. Hey there she is and wow she looks bad."

"Man, this place is empty. It's like LOST in here but without the one semi-hot girl and I am watching it actually.
Woah, see that girl.
Yea, she is alright.
I would.
Alright, she is airplane hot, so sure.
Wait, a bunch of cougars showed up. That girl has just fallen down the ranks"
by Michael Stover November 30, 2006
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