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One of Steven Seagal's earliest porno movies from the 80s. In fact, it was so successful within the Japanese community that it became a series.

In the original "Aikido in a Speedo", Steven Seagal plays a womanizing aikido master who strolls around Tokyo in just a speedo during the hot summer days.

He stars in about half of the sex scenes where he costars with several Japanese girls. Only wearing his speedo, he disco dances in front of them with techno in the background as he shakes his arms up and down. Some scenes actually have him with pig tails too as opposed to just this ponytail.

After he fucks all the Japanese hos in the scene, he uses his Aikido to beat them up which later leads to him snapping their necks.

The end of the porno shows Steven Seagal wearing a black leather speedo sprinting through the streets of Tokyo at a speed of fucking FIFTY miles an hour while yelling out "AIIIIKIIIIIDO IN A SPEEDO!!!!" and also karate chopping little Japanese boys that get in his way while he keep his usual constipated face.

There have been at least 5 Aikido in a Speedo movies, and even a video game was made insipired by Grand Theft Auto - that is, Grand Theft Tokyo: Aikido in a Speedo.
-Holy crap what's that gay guy with the ponytail doing sprinting down the streets of Tokyo at 50 miles an hour while yelling "AIKIDO IN A SPEEDO!!!!!"?

-He's just filming his latest porno, Aikido in a Speedo
by KnjazVovk May 28, 2009
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