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A retirement place for old folks. Lots of golf and lots of horses for horse lovers. A place where hopes and dreams come to die. There isn't much to do or see, and the Aiken Mall (it's more of a hallway than a mall) is mostly dead, Books-A-Million is what keeps it barely alive.
It has things for old folks to do and things for very young children, but not much for teens and young adults. No big buildings over two stories high and a lot of people there are proud to be Southern. In some places in Aiken, it's like living in the 1960's. Lots of Southern Baptists and religious people too.
Person 1: Dude, I have bad news...
Person 2: What? What's wrong?
Person 1: I have to go to Aiken, SC to visit my Great Aunt June for a whole week.
Person 2: I'm so sorry, here take some of my things so you have something to do there.
Person 1: Thanks man, you're the best! *bro hug*

Person A: Hey ya!
Person B: Hi...
Person A: I'm from Aiken, SC. Where you from?
Person B: Augusta, GA...
Person A: Lucky! You guys have a real mall and things to do!
Person B: Haha, yeah
by Blaze P. December 24, 2013
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