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an extremely large tiger that has aids. This tiger can travel at the speed of light and has the ability the leap oceans. These tigers pick out humans, rape them, and give them aids. The only defense against these tigers is to not wipe yourself after you produce feces. These tigers do not want to rape an unclean anus. There are only three known aids tigers in existence but they are hard and dangerous to track. There is a man who goes by KMFG, he is the only known to be attempting to hunt these tigers. The last time an aids tiger was seen was near Oxford, Ohio. Before that, a tiger was seen somewhere near Moscow in Russia. These tigers are dangerous and must be avoided.
"yo man I got aids"
"my good sir, i must ask how to come to acquire this disease."
"well good fellow, i was gardening and i heard something coming and I turned around and just that moment, I was being raped by a large tiger and apparently this tiger had aids"
"yo that was one of the aids tigers, some one was raped in china yesterday, they can travel at the speed of light"
"i do declare that this is dangerous"
"yes it is rather unfortunate that you got aids from being raped by a tiger."
by superdude88 November 28, 2009
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