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A really ridiculous saying used by select housekeepers. There are several theories to what it actually means:

1. It means nothing and is used as a ploy to annoy the piss out of everyone at work by not telling them what it means, simultaneously making the users feel superior to everybody else.

2. The word "ahh" is derived from "ah, that is great" and the word "boo" is taken from "BOO YOU SUCK, GET OFF THE STAGE," and the culmination of said words is, essentially, a neutral nothing.

3. The users of "Ahh boo" may be part of a very secret society, one which we have never heard of because their secrecy is beyond professional. Nobody knows what this society is about, because it is that secret and so the meaning of this symbolic message remains in the shadows.

4. "Ahh boo" is an unpublished philosophy on life that follows a little like this: "Great shit happens, awful shit happens," or, a shortened version, "Shit happens," or "that's that." This phrase is similar to Vonnegut's "So it goes."
Person 1: "Ahh boo!"
Abu: "What?"
Person 1: "Ahh boo!"
Person 2: "What does that mean?"
Person 1: *snickers condescendingly* "Ahh boo."
Person 2: "What does that mean?"
Person 1: *Stares stupidly into a lamp*
Person 1: "Ahh boo."
Pot smoker: "I get that, man."
by The_Owl October 31, 2012
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