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Singaporean English & Malay English double entendre for:
1. A Chinese or Malay person who displays social empathy, cultural affinity or political support for South Indians.
2. A Chinese or Malay female who exclusively sleeps with Dravidian (esp. Tamil) men.

Essentially, similar to 'Negro Lover' or 'Nigger Lover' in Dixie.

Chinese & Malay women prefer South Indian men on account of the large size of the Black Dravidian Penis. In fact, the Shaivite Tamil Penis is the largest variety of Singaporean Penis, dwarfing the Muslim Malay Penis, which in turn exceeds the Taoist-Buddhist Chinese Penis as well as the Christian European Penis. This pattern is exemplified by a candid forum message: "Ah Neh are said to have bigger penis mah, so Chinese & Malay girl like. But they forgot that many Ah Neh also like to beat wife after they drink." ('SG Chi pussy love Ah Neh smelly dick. Shock?' Bui Kia, 28 Mar 2011.

This predeliction leads to the high rates recorded for Interracial Kao-Yin or Interracial marriages between Chinese & Malay females with Tamilian men.

In contrast, Chinese & Malay men are almost never Ah Neh lovers, being typically intimidated by Dravidian women & the 'Angry Madrasan Stereotype'.
1) Ah Mat: Ah Tiong listens to Tamil Rap! What an Ah Neh lover!

2) Li: That hot Chinese-Japanese lawyer Jane Yumiko Ittogi is an Ah Neh lover because she married that Tamil, Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

3) I hooked my sister Ah Lian up with Ravan. After first night she became an Ah Neh Lover lah!

4) Ah Chong: Yesterday I saw my girlfriend talking to a Keling at the bazaar! That Ah Neh Lover must have heard how big & black their lanjiaos are!

5) Yu: Christine Tan Khoon Hiap is an Ah Neh lover because she married Suppiah Dhanabalan of Temasek Holdings.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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