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A person who advocates for a particular social philosophy (e.g. "feminism/masculism" "black nationalism," "veganism," "conservatism," etc) that is so heavily steeped in emotionalism, disingenuousness, dishonesty, and quite often bitterness & hatred, that he/she is utterly incapable of and viciously avoids defending/supporting his/her position once his/her argument has been exposed as being riddled with blatant inconsistencies and double-standards; An extremist who rabidly and rigidly pushes a heavily one-sided philosophy despite its inability to be supported by facts and evidences, or its inability to conform to logic and reason; A person who is willfully ignorant or willfully in-denial of the inconsistencies of a cause he/she promotes or upholds
"Despite the fact that women have nearly two dozen birth control options available to them, compared to only two options for men, most of the single mothers seeking child support expose themselves as bitter agenda frauds who refuse to accept any personal responsibility for their own actions, but instead keep shifting the blame into the laps of the men they let impregnate them."
by Ace-of-Stars February 15, 2012
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