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Age Queer is used to describe persons who feel that their chronological age does not fit into the persona they wish to present to the world and that live at least partly outside the socially constructed norms of behavior and association. An Age Queer will frequently engage in activities with significantly older or younger persons, friends and lovers. The age identity of the Age Queer can be slightly or greatly distant from his/her chronological age and can appear part time or full time.
Dude 1: Check out the old Chinese guy with hot teenage chica over there
Dude 2: Yeah, he's Age Queer and I didn't know you are now both racist and ageist

Janet is always hanging out with her teachers discussing philosophy and stuff; she's such an Age Queer.

Jim, are you really attracted to that 70-year old Cougar that's putting the moves on you? She's totally Age Queer but it looks like you are, too.
by CrotchGourmet January 21, 2014
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A word defining the lack of meaning or emphasis on age. Being without the need to acknowledge age.
How old are you? I’m agequeer, I don’t identify as having a chronological age.
by Impink July 15, 2018
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