The most ghetto white school on the north side of Chicago. Agassiz is were white kids that live in Lincoln park go, and black kids that are gifted go. It is one of the worst schools in the north side of Chicago. The Principals shady and we are constantly losing teachers. Most of the white kids become ghetto and get gang affiliate. Most kids from the south side commute over an hour just for our ratchet ass school. Our staff has no diversity besides Ms. Robertson, Me. Oni, and any of our security guards. We haven't had a stable language teacher for middle school for 4 years. All of our sports teams suck ass and never win anything because our coaches are man teachers that sometimes play basketball. There's always fights, and iss is given out as if it is a hall pass. Mr. Z will forever be the best substitute. Mrs. Flanagan will forever be missed. And Ms. H will forever hunt class of 2018-2022 minds. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE THEY WILL BE FUCKED UP.
Random kid: what elementary school did you go to.

Kid from Agassiz: Agassiz Elementary school

Random kid: that’s why you’re a thot and fucked up.
by sassybasketballgirl69 October 24, 2019