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An African taco is when 4 African Boys Jizz on two Nude Mexicans lying on top of a blanket. Then one of the four African's takes his hand and shoves it in the other african's Asshole. He must then remove the shit out of his rectum. Once the shit is removed, put it in a blender, After that they must throw up in the blender and then blend it all up. Slowly poor the shit / vomit from their mouths to their dick. Then they must roll around and then poor it on their backside. After that The african men must trim their pubes, and throw them on the Mexicans. Then every single african must shop their scrotum on and choke the Mexicans with their balls. Once the mexicans are dead, They must chop the 2 mexicans dick's and balls off with a fork. After they must wrap the blanket fully around the Dead smelly mexicans and use their ball jizz for extra flavour on the blanket. Then they must supper glue the dick's on the blanket for decoration. Bon appetit!
Thanks for that, Because of your recipe of the African Taco I am a great chef according to my Neighbors. They loved the African Taco and they even ate the Mexican dicks!
by Yodudeitsme December 29, 2010
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