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An African drive by is similar in form to a traditional drive by, however a few core differences are present; one being the medium used by the assailant(s) as a mode transportation and another being the actual weapon to be discharged. In an African drive by, the assailant will carefully choose a vine, the longer or higher up in the canopy it's fulcrum the more distance between the attacker and the victim after the drive by allowing for easier escape back to ones village or hut, which is ideal, and then swing by the victim(s) while shooting a dart blowgun filled with a village aids victim's semen, causing instant infection, and often times Ebola or sickle cell anemia, which just happened to be in the donor's blood anyway. It was initially thought that African drive bys originated in Ethiopia as a settlement over conflict over food, until historians realized that there was never food in Ethiopia. The roots of the African drive by are still unknown, though many hypothesize that the first African drive by occurred over conflict between tribesman over one killing anothers goat for pride. Premeditation of an African drive by can be characterized by the pounding of the chest, and an indicator of an African drive by in progress is loud yelling, often sounding like "MULU BULU TULU" which roughly translates to "fuck yo couch nigga".
Man, that fool Solomon just killed another one of my goats, I'm about to African drive by this clown.
by JayDh89 June 16, 2010
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