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A request issued to a female partner to remove any lower clothing and to take up a standing position with her feet 80cm apart, to lean forward and to place her hands on her knees. If she is sufficiently supple, she may be required to hold the front of her calves instead.

Her male partner can then approach from the rear and offer sexual congress (intercourse) or manual attention, either by direct genital stimulation or by the application (if acceptable to, and welcomed by the female partner) of a moderate spanking.
Hi honey, welcome home - how was your trip? I’ve missed you so much!”

“Baby, 7 weeks in Alaska is too long for a man with a beautiful wife like you. Take off your skirt and panties right now and adopt the position.”

“But Greg ....”

“I said, adopt the position.”

“Greg ..... “


“OK honey, OK honey. Mom, could you take the cookies out of the oven in 8 minutes? Greg and I need to get re-acquainted for a short while.”

That’s fine Anna, that's just fine - now Greg, you be gentle with my little girl. You take an extra couple of minutes to get her prepared. I remember what Anna's father was like when he came back from a long business trip to Europe and went in dry. Just be real gentle and take your time.”

“OK ma'am, I will.”
by Katie4eyes January 23, 2018
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