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Another name for Santa Fe, New Mexico. Also see Fanta Se. The term is based both on the strict local building codes (mandating adobe abodes) and the ridiculously opulent homes built by the trust funder residents. Other New Mexicans often go to the city to observe the unique mixture of individuals: those with incredible wealth, locals who hate rich immigrants, clueless tourists who want to buy overpriced turquoise, and crooked politicians.
Caller 1: "You want to go up to Santa Fe today? We can take the RailRunner. It'll be fun, we can walk around the plaza and pretend we're Texans!"

Caller 2: "Naw, I'm sick of the Adobe Themepark. Let's kick it old school in Burque. I'll meet you at Frontier and then lets panhandle!"
by olsongt January 11, 2009
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