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When the Adderall starts to wear off and you start coming down, abandoning the user in a desolate fit of mania. As the body begins to go through withdrawal, one can easily start to become furious and enraged. It's an evil side effect and can really mess with the user. Known to crank regular road rage up to the next level. Everything in life is seen as a complete burden and pain in the ass. Violent thoughts swarm the user's mind and if the rage is severe enough, the destructive thoughts can easily morph into brutal actions.

The best remedy to stave off such murderous rage is a good ol' jolt of mary jane. Remedy dosage will need to be adjusted accordingly in relation to Adderall consumption.
Adderall Rage excerpt:

"Fuck it hasn't even been 8 fucking hours yet and my fucking Adderall is already wearing off. What the fuck, this is fucking bullshit. I could fucking stab someone in the face right now, I'm fucking serious. Fucking sick of this shit, man. Did you just see that asshole cut me off? And now she thinks she's gonna drive nice and slow, does she?? THAT'S IT, FUCK THIS BITCH. BUCKLE THE FUCK UP JIMMY, I'M GONNA KILL THIS BITCH. I'M RAGED AS HELL AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!! TAKE COVER AMERICA."

*Slams on the gas pedal, sending the car straight ahead into the soccermom's loaded minivan. A massive fireball erupts and everyone within a one-mile radius of the explosion dies a horrible and vicious death of flames and agony....everyone except Jimmy.*
by Adderall Popper July 20, 2009
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