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ABS is a serious condition that has a gradual onset but eventually becomes permanent and lasts a lifetime. There is no known cure and no known effective treatment. The most obvious symptom is a blank, expressionless, unreadable face that becomes the default permanent face one presents to the world unconsciously. It tends to make other people instinctively recoil in terror often making normal social interaction confusing and painful for the sufferer. It is actually harmless to others and can even often be useful in certain situations. Occasionally it is accompanied by a very subtle nod of the head. Onset can be as early 10 years old, and left untreated, gradually becomes permanent by age 14.
"Acquired Ballerinaface Syndrome (ABS)" can be recognized on every ballet dancer having trained from an early age with a reputable school that does not participate in competitions
by Tired, Retired Dancer September 14, 2010
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