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Achy Nut (syndrome) is when a man starts acting all bitchy and feminine like.

When levels of the male hormone, testosterone, starts to drop, your testicles become smaller and sometimes get achy and sensitive to the touch. The medical term for this is called 'hypogonadism'.

At the same time test levels drop, estrogen (female hormone) levels rise, and men can start exhibiting female like signs such as enlarged tender, breasts, oily skin, and mood swings.
"What's up with our manager lately? He's been in a bad mood. Who got him written up?"

"The fuck if I know! Looks like every day this week he's been all Achy Nuts on our daily conference call. Cutting people off when they crack jokes, going straight down the task list without allowing people to ask questions, and getting snarky with people for being just 2 minutes late for the call."
by Pedat Ebediyah February 05, 2014
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