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When your actions end up helping your bro get the girl he's been going after. However it was never your intention to play the wingman and try to get them together. It just happened to play out that way. Can also happen with a girl accidentally helping her gf get a guy.
Bro: Hey so how did your date with brosky go?
Girl: It wasn't a date, we just hanged out.
Bro: Of course it was a date, he told me all about he was excited and... umm...
Girl: wait, he likes me?
Bro: I mean... so this weather has been crazy recently right?
Girl: Oh wow I can't believe I didn't see it till now. I guess I do kinda like him too.
Brosky: Bro I can't believe you told her!
Bro: I didn't know she didn't know man! It was an accident.
Brosky: Well whatever, you were my accidental wingman. So thanks.
Bro: so you two do it yet?
Brosky: We're like rabbits bro!
Bro: nice!
by d shizly May 08, 2013
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