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A band that was popular around Memphis in 2000. The band consisted of Andrew VanWynGarden and Hank Sullivant. Andrew VanWynGarden was attending White Station High School at the time, while Hank Sullivant was a university student. The band wrote two full-length albums, Mirror Israeli and the self-titled Accidental Mersh.

Sullivant went on to form the band called The Whigs. When VanWyngarden formed MGMT with Ben Goldwasser, Sullivant was one of the original guitarists for the band's live shows.

In MGMT's Valentine's Day Live Chat on Facebook, Feb 14th, 2011, a question was asked of the band about who the former live member was. The band replied: "His name is Hank Sullivant. He plays in Kuroma now and splits his time between Athens, GA, New York, and Memphis. He's now contemplating a move to LA. Keep your eyes peeled for Hank!"1
Some of the songs written by Accidental Mersh are Mama's Got a Case of Funk, Joan, Mirror Israeli, Birthdays in the Graveyard, and Discoiled.
by EmGeeEmTee March 11, 2011
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