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also known as TATA, or team academy of theatre arts. a boys and girls performing arts academy known for its elite performing groups, senior showcase and stars that runs in Littleton, Colorado. mostly a mixture of either extremely strange kids and those elite who think they are better than everyone else.

The performing groups of ATA travel to Disneyland yearly to perform in the summer where they sing and dance to various medleys of popular songs and musical theatre songs. The STARS of ATA are usually characterized as pretty, attractive, bitchy, rude, always joking around, talented, and conceited.

ATA previously ran in conjunction with the Country Dinner Playhouse in the Denver Metro area.
Those girls from stars at the Academy of Theatre Arts? Yeah they're hot, but they sure are bitches.
by tmoney09 October 13, 2009
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A musical theatre school, located in Littleton, Colorado. Owners are Paul Dwyer & Alann Worley, who teach acting and dance, respectively. Other instructors include Mary Gottlieb, Melissa Benoist, Dawn Gillen, & others.
The Academy of Theatre Arts, also known as TATA by those upper-level members of ATA, travels with it's two elite groups, STARS and Sr. Showcase, to Disneyland each summer to perform for 4 or 5 days. This trip is the main time when the members of ATA, specifically STARS, become even closer and create new memories. STARS consists of 4 boys and 4 girls, the elite of TATA. They often say that they "run" TATA, and that they do. The girls of STARS are almost always gorgeous, upscale, big-headed, bitchy, very funny, somewhat dimwitted (Sam Burley, in particular), and extremely talented. They are always making fun of somebody, though the object of their mocking usually doesn't know. The girls of STARS are extremely close, many of them calling each other "bestfrannns", specifically Hannah Seiler, Jessica Benson, and Kristina Benoist. They define this relationship as one of best friends, but, of course, they are making fun of a previous member of ATA by using this term. These girls do everything together, from going to midnight premiers, making shirts, and going to dinner together at least once a week. They also will drive great distances to see each other, including Shannon Nishi who lives farther out towards the East.
The Academy of Theatre Arts has such a great group of performers, especially those in STARS!!
by ilovetdt November 23, 2009
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Many of the other members of ATA tend to be quite awkward. They often stare, draw weird pictures, write stories about their i-pods, take stalker pictures on their cell phones, talk about their dreams, and follow the STARS girls around. They don't know when the STARS girls are making fun of them, and to be honest, they are quite good at hiding it. These odd members of ATA hold their hands weird when they dance, sing extremely loud, try to join conversations that they are not a part of, and piss off/make a great joke for STARS and the adults who travel with them.
Graduates of the Academy of Theatre Arts include Melissa Benoist, Matt Gottlieb, Sarah Geist, Tim Howard, Hannah Seiler, Tucker Worley, Shannon Howard, and Milton Geist. While TATA misses these wonderful performers, Jessica Benson, Kristina Benoist, and Shannon Nishi continue to hold down ATA and carry on the TATA tradition.
Some of those kids from the Academy of Theatre Arts are weird!!
by ilovetiedye1 November 12, 2009
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