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Often shortened to "Acacia," or simply AKAK in some of the proud Southern chapters, Acacia is an international fraternity (thanks, Canada!) with a rich heritage. The guys generally have clean houses, pull decent grades, and know how to foster a genuine connection in the overwhelming nothingness of a vast, unflinching cosmos. These guys take pride in their creative party drinks and signature Acacia Gummies. Their national philanthropy raises money for kids whose lives suck and need medical treatment their parents can't afford. What they lack in general campus recognition, they make up for in top-tier party reviews authored by elite committees comprised of the most important and beautiful Party Review Babes™.
Stephanie: Are you hitting up Acacia Fraternity tonight for their Night on the Nile party?

Ellie: Yeah, it's the only time I'm really willing to go to a costume party IN COSTUME, you know what I mean?

Stephanie: Yeah, but their gummies are worth wearing a slutty toga all night.
by AllAboardTheMemnon July 02, 2016
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