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The abomination of a soul is when a girl is humiliated sexually. Actions include, hardcore sex, anal, facials and arse to mouth. Following the activity the girl is asked her name and date of birth to further add to the humiliation. Normally the humiliated girl will initially attempt to show gratitude or happiness for the degrading act she has endured but will often lead to break down.

Side note: Can be very stimulating sexually or emotionally depending on the type of person you are.
Dude 1: Hey dude you seen that porn video the girls soul was abominated!
Dude 2: Yeah man I loved watching her cry when she was asked her name with the jizz dribbling off her face.
Dude 1: The abomination of a soul occurred!
Dude 2: Yeah man!
by Cute lover March 16, 2014
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