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A petite, slightly emoish teenage girl of moderate height, who takes great pleasure in sitting in a dark room all day listening to her favourite band Paramore. Enjoys mauling her friends' planners and using brightly coloured pens to do so.
Makes legendary bebo skins, and though she sometimes uses this power for evil (eg. making Tomlivoo skins) has a real talent.
Also enjoys singing, especially in front of people, as she is a "right vain twat" (as she herself noted once).
Is in a band, currently named Tomlivoo, where she is, as one would guess, the singer, as well as her good friend Crackhead. Doesn't like David Speaking, her friends Beccas and Merixcil's band.
Has an obsession with Ben and Jerry's, and describes them as "orgasmic".
Overall is a nice, friendly person with a slightly too big mouth, metaphorically speaking, and knows when to laugh.
Abibob: Ooh, Ben and Jerry's!

... I need the loo!
by BeccaBass March 17, 2008
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