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As with "Abandon Ship," this refers to bailing/abandoning a shopping cart full of merchandise at Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart/supermarket/anywhere because:

1) the check-out lines are too long,
2) the Cashiers are obviously "dragging their feet" in opposition to Management,
3) One or two Customers are "dragging their feet" as Consumers-Armed-with-Coupons, and, invariably, debate the price on each and every item, and
4) you've loaded up on things that you need/want/desire/but-can't-really-afford-except-outrageous-credit-card-terms...
So you push aside the basket, walk out, drive home, and make dinner with various and weird frozen foods cooked in one pot..."welcome, again, to your college-/first-job days!"
T: "Man, I had about a buck-fifty of yard tools, car supplies, my kids' new underwears, and a nighty for my lady..."
A: "Well, le'me see the nighty, bro'..."
T: "Cain't, bro...I Abandon Shopped when I saw the checkout line and had time to realize that I'd be paying for this basket, at 21% interest, for the next 10 years."
A: "Aw, that's cool, cool and W-I-S-E, bruh! So, you got the $5 you owe me, then, right?"
by CosmicDog1 March 17, 2011
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