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A sexy lil thang plays as sexy Steven Beale off of Eastenders and has a rock band called Bitter Conflict. :P:P:P XXxXX
Sum gal: Aaron Sidwell is so damn fine m8eee luv him 2 fucking bits wat a fucking sexy sex machine sexy lil sexy hot fucking gawjus making me dribble lil sexy boy aka Steven Bealeoff of dat fucking amazing soap opera called Eastenders it's become even fucking better since he showed his sexy face into it sexy little thang!!! Did I forget to mention that he's sexy?

Her m8: Alright already I get your fucking point yes he is gawjus basically, a sexy gawjus fucking amazing talented sexy sex machine who's just absoulutely fucking amazing he rocks my fucking world and I tell u m8 he's just the best thing in this world isn't he GOD I just love him!!!

Sum gal: And I thought I liked him phew...
by Rubba-B-Gal April 23, 2008
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