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A creep who breaks girls heart and doesn't know a good thing when it is in front of him. he has to pretend to be somthing else instead of letting a girl love him for him. he isn't going to find anyone like her ever again and he knows it. he think people are laughing with him but they are really laughing at him. Black people will never accept you,they only use you for cheap laughs. but you should have stood behind her. aaron's ever where dont let that special girl go, because she won't always want to help you, never ever love you again but never let her go if you have her. she all you really had in your sad life.
Joe: bruh, that Aaron Whetzel is a slow one.

Malika:man tell me about it, he think i want his ol'e cracka ass! ha, as if. Nigga could keep on dreamin.

Joe: Ikr, thou that boy is so funny to laugh at.

Malika:man he was talkin and all i could do was look down so i didn't laugh in his face!
by hard rock python :3 January 06, 2013
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