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Acronym: A.P.R.I.C.O.T

An assessment used to determine whether an individual is suitable for a relationship or not.

A: Appearance

-Strictly looks. Is said person attractive to you the assessor?
P: Personality

-Does this person offer good qualities/ character?
R: Relations

-Take friends, family, and associated people into consideration.
I: Intelligence

-Can this person preform every day activities?
C: Communications

-Can you actively express your emotions, thoughts, and qualms with this person?
T: Technicalities

-Any unique variable in their life that could make or break your relationship with this person.
"Hey bro, how is that girl you were mac'n on the other day?"

"not good, she didn't score well on the APRICOT test, so I cant wife that up."
by Nighthawk&crew December 25, 2017
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