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A terrible disease infecting all high school juniors taking Advanced Placement Language/Composition, or commonly known as APLANG/APLANC/AP English. This rendition comes in many forms, such as:

Type A A-Plague: Having so much work from this class mixed with extra-curriculars and other AP classes to the point that you just don't care and can't muster yourself to do homework.

Type B A-Plague: Being able to care for and only for AP Lang.

Type C A-Plague: Turning into a raged demonic zombie who seeks to chase and kill all souls not enrolled in AP Lang.
Example 1:

Samantha: John, may I copy your dialectical journals and rhetorical analysis for AP Language/Comp?

John: No, I have the AP Plague.

Samantha: >.<

Example 2:

Cody: Let's go play football at the park this weekend and go to this concert!
John: No, I have the A-Plague, I have a timed essay monday, a 3,000 word satire essay due, watch recordings of The Colbert Report to analyze, and annotations for the first half of To Kill A Mockingbird. Then, I have to study for my APUSH test and read all the chapters. Then a physics lab report. Then a mountain of Calc homework. Then economics and spanish tests to study for.

Cody: Your a fucking loser dude.

Example 3:

Jamal: John, are you okay?!?!?
John: "proceeds to bite and devour jamal, the non-AP student"
by jewfro_ballin_dude September 05, 2011
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