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A person who takes all the possible AP courses offered by his/her school. They are basically the step above the AP whore/ AP junkie. Most of them suffer from AP insomnia, and have little lives, except for the 3-5 weeks after AP week(s) till the end of the school year. Then they start studying for next years AP courses. Most of these students a generally egotistical and overachievers. They will usually attempt to ruin or hamper people competing to be an AP God around them, since they like to be "all knowing/ all powerful". Most students either love the AP God and revear them, or absolutely hate them and have a want to destory his/her life.
<AP student> "Hey did you catch Jimmy the other day?"
<Mainstream Student> "Psh, No. That dudes an AP Junkie, he doesn't hang out with anybody."
<AP junkie> " Um actually(long pause), he is an AP God!"
<Mainstream Student> " WTF! An anal probing God?"
<AP student> (eyes glisening) " No, the most amazing guy in the entire school, he's basically a genius!"
<Mainstream Student> " What a bunch of fags"
* AP God walks over *
<AP God> " A fag is a bundle of sticks, so a bunch of fags would be a number of bundles of sticks, which would resemble the roman fasces used as a symbol of authority in the first millenium AD. It is also attached to an ax as a symbol of power."
( AP student and AP junkie look at AP God then neal and praise him, Mainstream student walks away )
by Matthew Hatholins May 07, 2009
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