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When you love someone and they love you too, you both know it, tell eachother, and try to make things work, but they never do. You argue, then get angry, then stop talking, then say sorry and everythings better and you still dream the same dreams. He/she live a distance away because of school and you're at another school. You two are friends, best friends in fact, but still in love. You want to get married, have kids, and live together perfectly, but he/she starts dating someone else, then you do too to even out the playing field then you realize you cannot date the other being in love with your best friend the way you are. You want to run away with them and they want it too, but it can't happen. "one day" is the most common words, secong to "I love you"
Most people think you guys are crazy and this will eventually go away, it's been over a year and you still can't break their curse.
AMM love is hard to get out of, so don't think you're over them just yet.
"We love eachother.We fight.We hate eachother.We don't talk.We make up then start the whole process over agian, hoping something will change or happen to make this better and it never does."-someone in AMM love.
by ReannaRocket October 05, 2011
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