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1) America... you have coverups for the Republicans, you have political protection for corrupt leaderships.
You have people who instore their own beliefs over legitimate science and concidered thought.
You're starting to sound like the communist estates.

2)Quit saying it's Color, when it's properly spelt, yes spelt not (spelled) like Colour.
It's Mum not Mom, it's Football not Socca, got it?

3)Call us British if you wan't, I am English but don't mind being called British at all. Being called British is something to be proud of, American isn't! America isn't respected at all.

4)Rule Britannia! lmao. America always bitch about the British this and that. It's clear we're on their minds alot, maybe it's our sucessfull achievements in the past and all the land we owned, I don't know.
The Great British Empire is admirable to many Yanks who come to visit England evrey year to see the English History.

5)There wouldn't be an America if it wasn't for Christopher Columbus 500years ago.

Americans originated from the British as we found them Native Indians slaughtering Buffalo and having supper in front a fire in their poor camp tents.

6)America always say they "saved our asses" in WW2 which is quite funny actually, because the battle of Britain was moreless won before they showed up. after finding the courage to at last help when the "Japs" bombed Pearl Harbor. One Yank said....."it wasn't our war to join in with" as it were Eurpoes. Whats all, Iraq over then? lol More like you're cowards and have never been brave enough to help at the beginning.

7) Americans say "we kicked your asses in 1783" lol When actually they had to rely on many other nations to defeat the British.
We lost the War yeah, but still it took the Spanish, the French the Americans to beat the small country Britain.

8)I think America need to stop insulting the British when their forefathers are really British anyway.
by Luke mindplaya July 05, 2009
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