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Formerly known as Lowes Movie Theater, this AMC 17 Theater is located in Stony Brook NY on Long Island. Right across the street from the Smithhaven Mall in a large strip mall with a Waldbaums food store, many (what look sketch) food and business stores, a Marshalls, and a shoe store that has been closed for over a year it is definitely the meeting place for the thousands of teens from the surrounding areas as well as the students from SUNY Stony Brook. Very often one will go with a pack of friends to a movie and then across a sidestreet to the Friendly's diner to feed like a pack of wolves. Most Friday nights are spent in this fashion.

Though Lowes movie company being bought out by AMC at this location, all of the signage still says Lowes as well as the theater design and tacky red and black motif from the Lowes era. In fact no one even refers to the theater as AMC 17 though the uniforms declare it so. Even the coupons from Lowes must be accepted at this location just because the signs haven't been changed.

Known by its employees as hell in a handbasket for the particularly rude Long Island North Shore upper middle class as well as the rude middle and lower classes it just gives one the entire spectrum of the unhappy people that reside there.

Recently updated with an IMAX screen in the largest theater those in the front rows will have an even worse neckache than before with the regular screen. Though the new IMAX will pay for itself after one showing since the tickets for it are more expensive.

Girl 1: Wanna catch a movie at Lowes?
Girl 2: Yeah, that sounds good. Wait...isn't it an AMC 17?

Stony Brook hell
by Goodbye Kitty February 24, 2009
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