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ADHD Drinking game- Gather people around a table, as you would in zoomie zoomie. One person starts off the game as the ( Adderal ), tapping the table vigorously as the rest of the people follow suit. ( Adderal ) then does a random gesture then points to another player while the tapping of the table continues. The next player that ( Adderal ) points to will then do the gesture that ( Adderal ) did and pass it to another random player. The process is stacked and will continue until someone fucks up. Once someone fucks up, that person drinks while everyone else around the table sings " Asshole...Dick...Hand job...Drink!!" The game after that will continue with a new (Adderal). Anyone who volunteers to butt chug can overturn/add any rule they want.
Wanna get fucked up? Yeah let's play ADHD - A Drinking Game
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by ADHD Master May 31, 2018
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