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a sarasota gang whos main hobbys include sucking eachothers dicks and thinking their cool wen they hit girls
the ACE GANG gets no respect around here..."no shit"
by wutanghippy456 January 12, 2011
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A group of the coolest kids you will ever meet. A large population exists in Eastern Oregon. Sometimes also known as the Gang of Scantyosity.
Those Ace Gangers are some super fly kids.
by The_true_Zippo March 22, 2008
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A group of three best friends. A trifecta. They love, and laugh, and live, and tease, and smile together all the time. Having fun is their thing. They are friends forever and can see their futures changing but their friendship staying the same. Always there for each other in any condition, and can tell each other anything and everything. Never cease to love each other.
Ace Gang - Woohoo! Love you forever!
by SidewaysShine October 27, 2010
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