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1. Acronym: Academy for College and Career Exploration
2. The best damn high school in Baltimore!
3. A new, small public high school created by the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development and the Sar Levitan Center of The Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Policy Studies.
ACCE High School is different from other high schools because it is…

SMALLER…opened September 7, 2004 with 153 entering ninth-grade students. Currently it is finishing its fifth year and has an estimated 430 total students.

COLLEGE AND CAREER-FOCUSED…offering opportunities to explore post-secondary education at The Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore City Community College and career possibilities in local businesses, nonprofits and Baltimore City government agencies.

INDIVIDUALIZED…allowing students to progress at their own pace and judging their progress on their ability to demonstrate what they have learned. Smaller class sizes and a caring staff including advocates, mentors, and enthusiastic teachers ensure personal attention and support.

YEAR-ROUND…with two semesters from September to June and a 4-6 week summer program offering paid work experiences through YouthWorks. The school year includes time for credit recovery, internships, community service, and enrichment.

CHALLENGING…using a new research-based rigorous curriculum that will hone students’ abilities to be successful in high school and beyond. ACCE has three phases, involving progressively more intensive academics and career exploration. The prep phase helps students develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, mathematics and computer literacy. The intermediate phase introduces more content areas including higher math, social studies, sciences, foreign languages, and a year-long one day per week internship in a career interest area. In the advanced phase, students take advanced courses, and can possibly earn college credits by participating in college-level coursework.

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM WALLS…expanding student learning with ACCE’s special partners including the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board, Mayor’s Cabinet, city agencies, The Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore City Community College.

WELL-ROUNDED…with a longer school day, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:40 p.m., allowing maximum time for co-curricular activities such as, art, drama, debate and music, and career development experiences including field trips to colleges and workplaces.
by poetrygirl93 May 02, 2009
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