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n acronym denoting a minor movement of a similar subject and form to the LGBT community.

A.P.E.P consists of several broad and/or vague categories of sexuality most denoted by their less physically intimate nature. Each one is, to it's own degree and right, predominantly incorporeal in concept and generally in execution as well.

These are, in order: Asexuality, Pansexuality, Extrasexuality and Psymicon.

A.P.E.P is a movement in only the lightest sense of the word. In actuality it's members would be more about seeking understanding and acknowledge, furthering themselves as those who could live proudly as who they are and help others do the same within the confines of their own sense of reason and concern as it may grow and/or develop.
APEP is also a reference to an Egyptian god of the same name, Apep or Apophis , the god of chaos and darkness.

This is a simple allusion to the varying understandings had for the arcane natures of the more meta-physical sexualities.

Person A: You know, I sometimes feel a little out place due to my pan-sexuality. People don't seem to understand my varying sensibilities.

Person B: I can relate, I've also known a lot of loss for my differences. I've heard of this group called A.P.E.P and I think it's full of people who are just enough like us to understand how we are.
by LillyTank July 20, 2018
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