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Long ago to test if noodles were fully cooked for speghetti, a chef would throw pasta noodles against a wall to see if they would stick. If they stuck, it meant it was ready for consumption.

A noodle thrower is a male/female who cast out like a net, texts, but single text to several of their on again, off again, could of been, should of been, potentials and ect that at one point was interested in a relationship. The texter looks to see who text back a reply. Then those who do, are now readily available for him/her to waste even more time.
A Noodle Thrower is moving in on you when you look at your text and see repetitive sentances that make you wonder if the texter is texting more than one person having a generic conversation saying the same lines a few times over and over. He/she is now throwing around so many text that he/she cant keep people straight from his/her catches of the moment giving him/her attention.
by Venessa Shannon August 15, 2014
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