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A'jaya is a very chill person that is friendly when you meet her and once you become close to her that's when she's the best friend you've always wanted.A'jaya is usually the name for a Dominican-African American girl. She is very shy when its your very first time meeting her. Even if you don't talk to her that much that will be the person you will never forget, she always there for you when you need her and she is a beautiful girl with a to-die for personality and she has very good taste in clothing for you to wear and she has a huge shoe collection!!! She has her sad,bad,and mad days and I wouldn't want to mess with those days :-) but the point of this girl is that she is a girl you can never replace her for anyone.
A'jaya is my best friend

Have you seen A'jaya today ? No
Wait until you see her outfit
by Josh Carrol July 13, 2018
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