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A murray state is a possesed state one finds themselve in after a heavy night of drinking and a lack of sleep. You wake up and find murray has possesed you, side effects include extremely old croaky voice, constant coughing and snorting and weakening of the limbs, just like an old man.

Murray is an evil old man, who attacks you when you are weak, i.e. after a heavy night of drinking and lack of sleep. He possess's you in your sleep and leaves you in constant pain in the morning. But after a cheeky bacon sarnie the murray state subsides.

Currently the only victim of 'A Murray' is Jamie Harrison-Payne but it is belived the ghost of old man murray is breeding and spreading accross the country, high jacking other innocent indivduals.
Frankaski: "Morning dude"
Jammerz: "M-o-r-n-i-n-g, gahhh *snort* *cough* where's my walking stick"
Frankaski: "You've been possesed by murray, your in A Murray State my friend, you too much alcohol last night"
Jammerz: "Mmm Murray-licious"
by Jammerz1193 December 08, 2010
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