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the result of uncoordiation caused by a collective of hippies relying upon eachother to motivate to complete a common goal.
"what's up? are you coming over or what?"
"yea, but i'm locked in a hippie wait. My bro is sleeping, and his friend was gonna give us a ride up the ridge."

Hippie A (whom has to work tomorrow) is the designated driver for Hippie B.
Hippie B needs a ride to a marijuana manicuring (trim job) job A.
But Hippie A and Hippie B are waiting on Hippie C to meet at rendezvous point, where Hippie C is to recieve instructions on how to maintain Marijuana Grow Scene of hippie of
Hippie D. But Hippie C is waiting on her ride from sleeping Hippie D.

and so on and so on and so on...
by Sylvijah April 22, 2008
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