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a word that is used only and ONLY by girls to signify in girl language :
1." bruh....... i am in the bathroom puttin' on mah make up y yous think that when yous ask me if i dun imma say yes? OH HEELL NAW BOO BOO when i say a " few more minutes" it means that imma stay here in mah bathroom for a HELLA long time cuz you pissed me ugly ass bitch, straight up you could watch the creation, evolution and death of humanity for 500x times and imma still not be finished w/ my foundation so shut the hell up bitch"
2. or your girlfriends tryna hide the fact that she had a one night stand with your dad or your hella hot friend because she was "drunk"
f@ckboi: hey hun when will u be dun??
literal she-devil of a gf: a few more minutes hun
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