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KICK ASS metal/thrash band from small town Pleasantville, IA. 4 Members, BAM (bass/vocals), John(guitar), Paul(guitar/backup vocals), & Nick(drums). With every show they are getting more and more popular, and at the rate they are going, their chance of getting big is growing!! If you haven't heard of them yet, you definately should check them out, I gaurentee if you are a metal head you will love these guys!

Their single, Look To The Skies is out (on their myspace) and they are finishing up their EP.

Check them out at:
-9th Gate is so awesome!

-Yeah I know! Have you heard their single, Look to the Skies?

-No, but I'll have to check it out. How can I do this?

-Check them out on I hope you like heavy metal!!
by LilSnowPlow August 02, 2009
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