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1. Referring to the basketball team Chicago Bulls, who had a exceptional season back in 1995-1996, hence the 95-96, when they finished first with the record of 72 wins - 10 losses. Their main roster was Randy Brown as PG, Michael Jordan as SG, Scottie Pippen as SF, Dennis Rodman as PF, Bill Wennington as C, and Phil Jackson as the head coach.

2. As widely-considered as the best of all time, the team got a lot of die-hard fans who always believe that their team would always be the best. Annoyed by this, fans of many other teams and even many neutrals want to mock them. And as a result, they came up with a joke. No matter how impertinent and irrelevant the topic is about, they always have to add something relating to the 95-96 Bulls. What they don't know is they're the real annoying ones.
Bleacher Report on Facebook: "Kristaps Porzingis Turns Down Fan's Elaborate Prom Request with Video."

Some random annoying guy: "But can Porzingis turn down a prom request from the 95-96 Bulls?"
by $un$hjne August 23, 2016
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