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When you find a Human Centipede, feed it Taco Bell until it has the shits, and then fuck it up the ass until the foremost of the three sewn individuals begins to vomit diarrhea. Following this, you coil the three together into a circle, and then bend their spines until the opening in the middle of their circle is 1" in diameter (simultaneous fractures means you're doing it right). You then thrust your penis in aforementioned opening until you ejaculate directly into the puddle of spewed diarrhea (cum on the largest puddle if there are several). Then, having been driven mad by finding a way to outdo all the other bases on Urbandictionary, you superglue shut the asshole of the previously anally raped centipede shut and facefuck the foremost centipede member (diarrhea-vomit may or may not double as lube). You continue doing this until the gastrointestinal tract of one of the three explodes and die of internal bleeding. You then take a penis and eat it. Because you carry spare penises in your pocket. Afterwards, separate the human centipede's surviving members with a Ninjato, and shake the dead member to ensure that any bodily fluids left inside spill out into your puddle of diarrhea and cum. Sever limbs to mix the now brown, red, and white puddle until it is all one color. Once the solution is uniform, drink from it and spit into one of the ex-centipede member's mouths. Snowball eachother until God commits suicide and you become the new supreme deity of the universe.
"60th Base was cooler." - Bored people who have read all the way up to 90th Base.

"Fuck your couch." - Me
by TwelveTesticlesTappingTogether February 08, 2013
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