First Circle : Limbo

Limbo are Pagans, and non Christians that did not sin.

Second Circle : Lust

People who are overcome by Lust.

Third Circle : Gluttony

People who cannot stop eating.

Fourth Circle : Avarice or Greed

Those who waste their life either collecting/hoarding money, or constantly spending money.

Fifth Circle : Wrath or Sloth

Wrathful are people who are constantly angry, and slothful are people who are constantly lazy.

Sixth Circle : Heresy

a person who holds religious beliefs in conflict with the dogma of the church.

Seventh Circle : Violence

Separated into three parts. 1 : Violence against another person. 2 : Violence against ones self. And 3 : Violence against god. This circle hosts the violent people of the world.

Eighth Circle : Fraud

Those who commit fraud. There are nine types of this, each with a different punishment.

Ninth Circle : Treason

This circle is for those who betrayed others.
Examples for each of the 9 Circles Of Hell.

Circle 1 : He was a Pagan, so he was considered Limbo for not accepting Christ, thus landing him in Circle 1

Circle 2 : His lust for another woman was too strong, and he committed Adultery, thus landing him in Circle 2

Circle 3 : He could never stop eating, the damn Glutton, thus landing him in Circle 3.

Circle 4 : All he did was hoard his dollars, thus landing him in Circle 4.

Circle 5 : The bastard was so lazy in life. He never did a day of work, thus landing him in Circle 5.

Circle 6 : He was a heretic. Never believing in god. Thus landing him in Circle 6.

Circle 7 : Poor bastard committed suicide, thus landing himself in Circle 7.

Circle 8 : He stole for everything he had, thus landing him in Circle 8.

Circle 9 : He betrayed his best friend, getting him killed, thus landing himself in Circle 9.
by DemonJackRipper December 14, 2009
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1st Circle: Unbaptized people and pagans
2nd Circle: Those who are overcome with lust/the need to have sex 24/7/365
3rd Circle: Gluttons/people who eat 24/7/365
4th Circle: Those who spend a shit load of money on shit they don't need
5th Circle: The ones consumed with rage fight on the surface of the River Styx (greek mythology) and the slothful/ones who are lazy lie beneath the water
6th Circle: Heretics
7th Circle: The violent; the 7th Circle has 3 inner Circles
The Outermost Circle: Those who are violent against property and inanimate objects
The Middle Circle: Suicides
The Innermost Circle: Those who are violent against God, nature, and/or art
8th Circle: Frauds (seducers, flatterers, those who exchange money for spiritual goods, sorcerers/false prophets, corrupt politicians, hypocrites, thieves, sowers of discord, etc.)
9th Circle: Those who betray one who is close to them (i.e. a close/best friend, a relative, a lover)
Which of the 9 Circles of Hell are you going to be in, Bob?
Idk, Bill...probably the 2nd.
by Demon<3 November 20, 2007
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