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Similar to 'Senioritis' 8th Gradeoritis is the chronic disease of not willing or not planning on doing any work, and lazy slacking due to the fact you know what highschool you are going to. Students tend to not give a shit, wear 'lazy' clothes to school and just usually look like shit, not taking the time to care because they aren't in highschool yet and don't need to impress the noobs they've known for eight or more years. Complete nonchalantness will take place. Cause: BOREDOM.
Usually takes place in the middle of the year. ( THE CLOSER TO GRADUATION THE WORSE.) Only known cure: GRADUATION!

Person 2: Who gives a shit.

Person 1: 8th gradeoritis?

Person 2: uh, duh.
by mostawesomestpersonever. February 23, 2011
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