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A phrase used in a derogatory sense to make fun of someone who exaggerates the performance potential of their ride. The phrase originates from a video by IMV Films titled "Vehicular Lunatics". In the preview video there is an accident involving a motorcycle that the presenter narrates:

*video pans to show a minivan* "there's the minivan that probably did it"
*car drives a little down the road and camera locks quickly onto a supra on the side of the road* "OH SH*T! SH*T! That's the 800 horsepower supra...!"
*montage of shots showing supra on dyno*

This supra challenged an RX-7 to a race complete with smack talking but in the end ran away and never raced.
Prima (with sarcasm): Dude, you better be careful running that civic! With that 5 foot wing he's got to be fast!
Segunda (matching sarcasm): Yeah man, I heard he beat the 800hp supra!
by marblecake2 December 17, 2009
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