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The duo formed in 1992 when Esoteric DJed a hip hop show at a college radio station north of Boston. 7L, a DJ and producer who listened to the show, contacted Esoteric in the interest of collaborating. The two found they shared a common love of the golden age of hip-hop and decided to form a group.
7l&esoteric Esoteric
I assault the mic and rock it stompin out the microscopic
Esoteric's like anthropic psychotics, semi-robotic
When I drop it, I launch a pencil through your central ventricle
Tear those tenticles, makin you a mental vegetable
Ecumenical, malpractice evil demi-Gods attack the baptist
Severin their prefix
My molecular, structure, raises the temperature
All praise the emperor, tarantula, nebular inhabitant
Esoteric's landed past extravagant
Established in between Giza's stone age and the Vatican
The Paladin, battlin crabs stabbin their abdomen
Travellin through densities Devils witness the acumen
by kry one September 01, 2010
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